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    MyDomino is the official launch partner of the 100% NY campaign.

    Together we're accelerating the transition to 100% clean, renewable energy.

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    How Sustainability Can Enhance Your Company's Culture

    You probably know that the bottom line of green is black. But did you know that helping your employees live "greener" lives can improve morale, retention, and productivity? MyDomino's unique employee perk makes it easy to do all that. (read article...)

    How Can You Boost Your Company’s CSR While Recruiting and Retaining the Best Talent?

    It may sound like a tall order for your business to further your sustainability initiatives and CSR goals, take meaningful action to help fight climate change, and also engage your employees and boost your company’s culture. But it turns out to be much easier than you’d think. (read article...)

    Energy Savings Concierge Service MyDomino Becomes a B Corporation

    The prestigious designation is awarded to companies that use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems. MyDomino is offering its service as a unique employee perk to help companies recruit and retain talent, and boost their CSR initiatives. (read article...)

    MyDomino Makes Clean Energy Decisions Easy

    The Eyes on Conservation podcast talks with MyDomino about the fast growth of solar power, and how individual decisions can have an important and measurable impact on our environment. (listen to podcast...)

    Why Now Is the Best Time to Go Solar

    MyDomino's Communications Director talks with Eartheasy about how recent advances in solar inverter technology allow for greater energy production. (read article...)

    Startups Fight Climate Change

    StartupHouse features MyDomino as one of two San Francisco Bay Area startups providing essential services to fight climate change, filling the gaps left by enterprise and big government. (read article...)

    The 100% Campaign Launches in NY with MyDomino

    Actor and philanthropist Leonardo DiCaprio: "100% clean energy is possible using today's technologies and we have the science to prove it." (read press release...)

    "Here's to easy"

    James Redford on how MyDomino makes it easy for anyone who's thinking about renewable energy. (watch clip...)

    Making Home Energy Upgrades Accessible, Convenient, Affordable

    MyDomino offers a customer-facing "energy concierge" platform for consumers looking to reduce their environmental impact, directly connecting them to service providers and vendors. (read article...)

    Clean Energy Concierge Service Launches in NY

    MyDomino is a cost-free concierge service that helps people find more energy-efficient products like solar panels, electric cars, energy storage systems, and cooling and heating systems. (Read article...)

    Bewildered Energy Consumers No More?

    The energy world is littered with stories about energy consumers who give up on doing the right thing out of confusion.… Consumers like clean energy, they want it, but they don’t get it. And the industry doesn’t always make it easy for them to do so. (read article...)

    Looking to Go Green? New Energy Concierge Service Wants to Help

    On Earth Day, SunPower co-founder Tom Dinwoodie unveiled a personal energy concierge startup — for those who want to unplug from dirty business as usual with the experienced help of a live human. (read article...)

    Revolutionary Concierge Service Helps Consumers Save with Solar and More

    “For consumers, it’s this simple: One: You reserve a time for a chat with a concierge. Two: Relax and let us do the work. Three: Start saving.” (read article...)

    MyDomino Energy Concierge Helps Consumers Choose Best Alternatives

    MyDomino combines social concern with a strong business model. Its founders have identified a need, to guide people through complex actions, and are diligently working to fill that need. (read article...)